FiveBy Wheels holds a small amount of wheels in stock at our physical location. The majority of our wheels are shipped from the various manufacturers listed on our site. Fully paid orders made by 5PM EST Monday through Friday are processed the same day. Manufacturers may take up to 1-2 business days to ship in stock wheels based on volume, staff, holidays, etc. Once tracking numbers are provided by the manufacturer, we will forward them to you via the email address provided on your order.

FiveBy Wheels is not responsible for lost, misplaced, delayed shipments or damaged freight by the shipping courier after they have been dispatched from us or the manufacturer.

FiveBy Wheels cannot be held responsible / liable for lost or stolen packages that have delivery confirmation to the address that was provided. 

FiveBy Wheels is not responsible for delivery errors via courier, or incorrect shipping information provided. 

What do I do if my wheels are damaged when I receive them?

Upon delivery (or pick up at a local terminal), be sure to inspect the shipping boxes the wheels arrive in. To cut down on freight costs, some manufacturers package two boxed wheels in one larger box to ship. These packages can weigh over 60 pounds and are prone to mishandling during transit. If you see any physical damage on the outside of the shipping box, it is your responsibility to visually inspect all aesthetic aspects of the wheel BEFORE signing any documents. If damaged, be sure to make full notes on the shipping company's manifest BEFORE SIGNING and accepting shipment. Request that the delivery personnel mark the shipment as damaged on their manifest. Damage can occur and it must be noted with the shipping courier before signing and accepting the shipment. Damage caused by the shipping courier qualifies you for a replacement and/or credit ONLY IF all damage is noted with the courier BEFORE signing the shipping company's manifest. If the damage is NOT noted upon receipt, this alleviates all liability of the courier and it becomes the responsibility of the customer to open a damage claim with the shipping courier. This process can take up to 10-15 business days. During that time, FiveBy wheels cannot issue a replacement wheel or credit until the claim process is finished by the shipping company. Please notify us immediately if there is damage and send us pictures via email to so we can document the issue and assist you with the issue as quickly as possible. The quicker we act and the more proof that is gathered is vital towards a fast resolution.