KW V1 Audi A4 S4 A5 S5 RS5 Coilover Kit  (B8) - 10210075

KW V1 Audi A4 S4 A5 S5 RS5 Coilover Kit (B8) - 10210075

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2009-2016 Audi A4, S4 (8K/B8) without electronic damping control Sedan FWD + Quattro; all engines

2008-2017 Audi A5, S5 (all engines, all models), without electronic damping control

2013-2015 Audi RS5 (B8), Coupe + Convertible

-Front Lowered Height:  0.9" - 2.3"

-Rear Lowered Height: 0.9" - 2.1" 

Part No : 10210090

KW Variant V1: Sporty - Balanced. With KW factory pre-set dampening.
The ideal system for customers who like to choose the level of lowering of their vehicles while counting on the extensive driving tests of our experienced engineers who have preset the dampers for the ultimate balance between sporty driving, comfort and safety.

The KW Variant 1 "Inox-line" coilover kit is their entry point into KW's street performance lineup. Thanks to the high-quality "Inox-line" stainless steel coilover struts, corrosion resistant springs, bumps stops and dampers that are optimally tuned by their engineers the result is a balanced and sporty feel specific to each vehicle application designed for long lasting driving pleasure.

Factory-Set pre-configured Damping Setup

The KW Variant 1 "inox-line" coilover allows you to experience an optimized balance of sportiness and comfort while driving. Even with a maximum vehicle load, the dampers always maintain a sporty characteristic.

Continuous Ride Height Adjustment

With KW Variant 1 coilovers you can achieve maximum lowering within an approved lowering range that ensures a proper functioning suspension and adequate travel after your car is lowered. Even after years of use you can easily adjust the ride height thanks to the dirt resistant trapezoid thread and composite adjustment collar.

The Benchmark for Coilovers

KW Variant 1 "inox-line" coilover rewards the sporty driver with its harmonious pre-configured setup. For each vehicle our engineers develop a specific damper setup and spring rate to increase the driving pleasure with an optimal balance of sportiness and practicality. As with all KW coilovers, the engineers at KW develop the vehicle-specific KW damper tuning and spring rates with comprehensive testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and in the KW 7-post chassis dynamics test center.

KW's experience means your driving pleasure

For over 20 years, KW automotive has been the market leader and driving innovation as a manufacturer of individual suspension solutions for the road and in all types of motorsports. No matter where in the world, gearheads, automobile manufacturers and reputable tuners rely on KW coilovers "Made in Germany"

Every KW coilover kit undergoes extensive stress testing before production and is developed and manufactured exclusively in their company headquarters in Fichtenberg, a small in town in Germany, to meet the high standards of the KW quality management. For KW as a German manufacturer, it goes without saying that the KW coilover kits will exceed the original equipment manufacturer quality, and offer useful and innovative solutions. With an application list comprising more than 4,600 options KW guarantees an outstanding selection backed by their Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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