KW (H.A.S.) Height Adjustable Kit BMW M2/M3/M4 F8X - 253200ANU
KW (H.A.S.) Height Adjustable Kit BMW M2/M3/M4 F8X - 253200ANU

KW (H.A.S.) Height Adjustable Kit BMW M2/M3/M4 F8X - 253200ANU

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2016-2020 BMW M2/Competition

2015-2018 BMW M

2015-2020 BMW M4/CS/GTS

-Front Lowered Height: 0.4" to 1.2"

-Rear Lowered Height: 0.2" to 1.0"

Part No : 253200ANU

KW H.A.S.: KW coil over features matched to your factory shocks!

The KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit (or "HAS Kit" for short) will achieve the look you’re after without saying goodbye to your factory EDC shocks. You get a premium brand, adjustable lowered ride height, and increased performance minus the trade-offs and cost of a full suspension kit!

To get a lowered stance you previously had to choose between fixed static aftermarket springs or an adjustable ride height with a full coilover system that would replace your factory EDC shocks. The KW HAS kit changed all that, providing enthusiasts with the solution - add the coil over sleeves and springs to your stock EDC shocks! The HAS kit has been developed specifically for each chassis and model and fits without any modification to the stock shocks and struts. Installation is easy and straightforward and completely reversible. New bump stops are included that allow the appropriate shock travel with the lowered height.

Spring rates are developed specifically for your chassis to retain as much ride comfort as possible, even with a lowered suspension. No longer do you have to put up with the harshness from so-called "Race" springs. The ride is firm but not uncomfortable. Ride height has been precisely engineered to work with the travel of the stock shock/strut and new bump stops are included that allow lowering with the proper shock travel. The HAS kit uses all of the premium materials and craftsmanship as in their higher-priced coil over suspensions - this means German chrome-silicon steel for the springs, stainless steel threaded collars, and spring perches with smooth trapezoidal threads.

KW HAS Features:

  • Ride height adjustable
  • Retains factory EDC adjustable shocks
  • Vehicle-specific spring rates dialed in for comfort
  • Lowered stance = improved looks
  • Lowered stance = better handling
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Kit comes with vehicle-specific springs, height adjusters, and bump stops with dust protection system.



- Front and rear height adjustable (front and rear springs with threaded height adjusters). Stock shock absorbers including electronic controls are being utilized.

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